Korey Mae Johnson

They’re not just going to share me. They’re going to breed me.

When two dragon shifters decided I was their mate, they didn’t ask. They just chased me down, tore my panties off, and spanked my bare ass until I was ready to come like a good girl for them.

But these ancient beasts aren’t just going to carry me off and ravage me thoroughly. They’re going to claim me, share me, and make me theirs in the most shameful ways imaginable.

Then they’re going to put a baby in me.

Publisher’s Note: Shared is a stand-alone romance novel which is the second book of the Bonded Mates series. It includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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What am I getting myself into? 




High-Octane Adventures.

Reverse Harem. 

Double Penetration. 

You know, the good stuff

If you are triggered by any of these things, or if you don’t like the light hearted dialogue we do, then skip it. But I think you’ll love it. You’re here–on my site. Chances are, you’ll be into it.

Thank you for being one of my readers, thank you for visiting me, thank you for your support, and thank you for buying my books so I can give you reading material for many years to come. 

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