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At least it’s on the way to my editor. 🙂 Oy, talking about a book that did not end how I thought it was going to when I started it! I just wanted a short, spicy, menage story with lots of humiliation stuff in it, hot sex, and some spankings… I didn’t expect it to be 55,000 words long. Strange enough, the first 30 came fast, then I had trouble deciding where it was going to go for like… a month or so… And then James read what I had, told me what to do, and BAM. That last week, I added the rest.

It was actually sort of fun since my husband has never given me “the author treatment” before, where he read what I had and took notes on what I should change, etc. His notes were absolutely fantastic! I had to re-write the first 5,000 words, but it was worth it. I’m happy with the way it turned out!

In the story we’ve got menage, spanking, discipline, anal punishment, anal sex, consensual and non-consensual sex, forced-marriage, double-penetration, sexual teasing, dirty talk, name-calling, humiliation play, and lots of action scenes. It’s coming out next week and I’ll tell you all some more.


Well, my mother-in-law is coming in town this weekend which means I should probably start cleaning the house about now-ish… And then? Ageplay. I have Princess Babygirl to finish up, I already wrote the first 25,000 words so I’m already halfway done. After that, I’ll finish Otherworldly Discipline, Book Two. 🙂 I’m on a roll; don’t worry, I’m writing my fanny off, folks, and I’m bubbling with ideas! James and I have even been discussing the plot of “Swarii Brides, Book Three”!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and giving me your support. I really appreciate all your loves!