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Cover Art

Because of my publishing business, I cannot make covers for people who write within my niche genre (spanking & BDSM). If this rule changes, I will make an announcement. Sorry for this rule–I love the writers of this genre, but what tends to happen is I make good art covers that compete with my business’ authors work, and I don’t want to do that to them.

However, if you write for a different niche, I would love to diversify my portfolio and take up your project!

Please write to me at and introduce yourself with a copy of your manuscript and a summary and I’ll send you a link to my cover form!

Want your project to be perfect? Choose your top ten favorite covers that you can think of, (if not 10, then 3 will do, but 10 makes it REALLY easy) and send them along with your email. If you like the title of one, colors of another, and general look of another, that’s cool, too! You have a style you like, you just might not realize it! My job is to give you a cover you love, and when I can  I like to do it on the first try!

Cost: Minimum $100 (Maximum $200). Price will be discussed when project is taken up and stock photos are selected.

Includes 1 free promotional item from a given selection of styles. Every additional promotional item is $20-$100 (depending on the complication of the promotional item.)

If you commission a series, I give bulk discounts if the general “look” of the series remains the same.