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Sorry I’ve been working mostly out of Facebook this month, but Keeping Their Baby has been out! Here’s all the deets!

She should hate it. She shouldn’t put up with it. But being their baby just feels right…

Before Sophie met Liz, Charlie, and Josh, she was camping out in the attic of an office building.

Now she has a beautiful, strict lawyer mommy, a stern, handsome football star daddy, and a fun-loving, sexy-as-hell doctor uncle. But they spank her bare bottom when she’s been naughty…

And that’s if she’s only been a little disobedient… When she’s been a truly bad girl, she’s sent to bed with her cheeks blushing crimson and her cute backside well-used and sore inside and out.

She should run for the hills, if only every stern scolding and every stinging spanking didn’t leave her so helplessly, shamefully aroused she ends up begging to be claimed by any and all of them.

But with everyone seeming insistent on a future for Sophie that she doesn’t want for herself, can she find a way to show them that she can be both the baby they love and a woman they respect?

Publisher’s Note: Keeping Their Baby is the second entry in the Their Baby series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Also! Being Their Baby has gotten a facelift! We also updated a newer version that has gotten rid of any typos. If you want it, get rid of Being Their Baby on your device and redownload it (if you kept a copy on your Amazon account, you shouldn’t have to repay at all), to get the new version with the new cover!

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