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You heard it right--polyamory age-play spanking novel in the works! :)

You heard it right–polyamory age-play spanking novel in the works! 🙂

Saturday Spankings is back this week, and I thought I might give you all a looksee into the Contemporary Ageplay I’ve been writing for the last two weeks. As you can see from the progress meter in this page’s upper right-hand corner, you can see that I’m plowing right through. If you want to see a character list of my story (so far untitled), go here and take a look.

What’s going on in the 8-sentence scene below? This particular spanking is Sophie’s first real bout of discipline from her new girlfriend, Liz, who was Sophie’s role-model before it became clear that Liz wanted to have a relationship with her. Sophie’s not into ageplay yet, but she’ll get more and more into it and the sexual world brought on by her new “family”, which consists of Liz, and her live-in boyfriends Charlie and Josh who also help sake the 32-year-old successful business woman’s lust. “Daddy” Charlie and “Uncle” Josh also like the ageplay lifestyle, but at this point Sophie hasn’t met them yet (and is extremely nervous about them not approving her once they do meet), but knows they’re in the kitchen below the bedroom where this is all taking place.

She felt Liz adjust her on her lap so that her bottom was right in the middle, bent upwards, and until Sophie’s toes were only fanning across the floorboards. Just as Sophie realized that, even though she’d heard of people who liked spanking sexually, she had a feeling that she was not going to think this was sexual, Elizabeth flipped up Sophie’s sundress over her back and neck.

Suddenly, a horrifying thought occurred to Sophie, and right at the worst possible time. “What if your boyfriends can hear?” she whispered fretfully. Surely, Elizabeth didn’t want Sophie to die with mortification right before Sophie was supposed to meet the two men downstairs.

Elizabeth snorted with amusement. “Believe you me,” she replied, “they’ve heard me give plenty of spankings in the past, and I’ve seen and heard them give plenty of spankings themselves. I assure you that they’ll hardly be alarmed. You need to be worried more about you right now, Sophia,” she assured.

Saturday Spankings


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