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So, I was working on a fantasy age-play story called “Princess Babygirl” That I had to put on the back hopper. I don’t think I have what it takes to make it work out… Not yet. It’s become a strange narrative challenge that I’m working up the skill to do. I’ll get there, and will probably pick it up again later in the summer.
I was going through my old Character Sheets, and found this one under “Age Play”. It’s something I started last summer and quit soon after I started because it wasn’t panning out. Well…. Now it is. As you can see, we’re already at 40,000 words. How long have I been writing it? Since last Saturday afternoon! That ain’t bad. The best thing is that I can keep pretty much all I’ve written it. It’s a little long-winded at parts but I like how it’s  going so far. I’ll probably cap it at about 60 or 80,000. MAYBE 90. We’ll see where we are next Saturday.

So what’s all this?

The working title is called, ‘Being Their Baby‘, but I’m going to more than likely change it to something better, less creepy and more marketable. It’s a contemporary ageplay situation devised among a polyamorous household. Sophie Lynn Sutton, a young, poor little thing from the other side of the tracks, finds herself in a romantic relationship for the first time in her life, with a woman who already has two boyfriends, and those boyfriends really want to complete the circle by being Sophie’s boyfriends as well. Although she has a lot of miserable history she has to shed from her life, the Hobbes Brothers and their lifelong girlfriend, Elizabeth Button, guide Sophie through ageplay and helps her realize her own potential.
Still–I promise Otherworldly Discipline will totally be out on June 21st. But give me a break–I never write for this long this quickly without throwing half of it away. 🙂
I thought I’d share with you the character sheet that started it all. I’ve been shacked up with these people ever since. It’s been really interesting!!

Elizabeth Button:

Elizabeth Button

Elizabeth Button is a famous lawyer in Boston who also can be quite a ‘sex bot’—as in there’s absolutely nothing cute about her. She’s 100% sexy, sophisticated, graceful, and intelligent. She’s tall (6-feet tall and she wears red high-heels (her trademark–she’s professionally nicknamed ‘The Devil in Red Heels)) and in good shape.

She’s also a “true Bi”, meaning that she doesn’t want to have a relationship with any one woman or any one man, but she doesn’t prefer one over the other. She’s a well-known lawyer, so she could probably have any woman she wanted. BUT she adores women (and men) that she can dominate and control.

The “Mommy” role is what she particularly likes with women, because it makes it so she doesn’t feel she has to compete with them and gives her the motivation not to be lax with herself. Because of this, she’s very into age-play, but she’d die before accepting the ‘little girl’ role for herself. She’d have driven herself crazy within five minutes.

She’s not afraid of commitment, but she is afraid of labels, so she doesn’t want to marry, even though Charlie has asked a million times and offers her an open relationship. She likes to stay because she wants to, not because of any obligation.

Her relationship with the Hobbs brothers is interesting simply because she grew up with them. She and Charlie are the same age, and they knew each other since they were three years old. They also lost their virginity to each other (when they were fifteen). They always dated, but they never dated exclusively, although Charlie has proposed to Elizabeth regularly since he was eighteen. The problem with Charlie is, even though he knows how to very efficiently bring her to orgasm, he will not give up his dominance for one microsecond. He doesn’t even like her being “on top” because he feels out of control, and thus out of his element. This is really too bad, because she really enjoys being in control. Thus, every time she has sex with Charlie it is actually somewhat violent and rape-y, because Charlie has to “make” her submit to him in bed; she’s not going to do it on her own free will.

This is where Josh Hobbs comes in—he’s very playful, and three years younger than Liz and Charlie. He doesn’t mind Liz taking the dom-role because he feels everything she does is sexy, and he assures that he feels fortunate just to take part. (It was a little hard to get used to in the beginning, but he quite likes it now, although she doesn’t know that). He’s mischievous and funny, but he does draw a line that he does not like Liz to “punish” him (although she’ll threaten it and it will give him pause) and he will not play the part of “little boy” for her, even if he will allow her to have the reigns during sex.

She doesn’t love one man above the other, although she sees them wrestle a bit for her attention, but she doesn’t like to think about her life without both of them with her.

Sophia (Sophie) Lynn Sutton:Sophie Lynn Sutton

Sophie’s “pocket sized”—very petite and only 4’10”. She works hard, but she’s always appeared years younger than she is, and she’s never been very schooled in hair and beauty, and so it’s hard for her to make herself up so that she looks older.

She’s seventeen at very the beginning of the book but quickly moves into eighteen during the first chapter before her first spanking from Liz occurs. She’s been working at Liz’s firm as a mail clerk since she was sixteen, and is getting antsy because she can’t find a way to move up, and her boss is less than encouraging. Her grandfather (44 yrs old) and her step-father (33 years old) are the only two male-influences she’s ever had, and they’re both abusive (they didn’t molest her or spank her, but they’d punch her or slap her around), mean, alcoholics that can barely hold down a job, so she has worked to support her mother and step-father’s growing family (she has 5 younger siblings, all under ten years old). She dropped out of high-school when she turned 16, midway through her Sophomore year, and dropped out of a social-life right along with it.

Although she’d held down two jobs to come up with over 20,000 a year, dispite only earning minimum wage, she lost one of her jobs right before Thanksgiving (in the beginning of the book),  so her money situation’s become desperate. Elizabeth helped her out with a gift-card to buy a coat with, which only led to her getting “worked on” by her stepfather because he became aware that she was “holding out” with it. The situation led to her getting tossed out of her mother’s apartment. Since she had no savings (her parents took all of her money), no credit card, and she was only seventeen, she left her house but, since she didn’t have any friends or anyone to help, she stayed in the attic of her firm’s business complex, sleeping amongst dusty and forgotten-about supplies, hoping nobody would notice.

She idol-worships Elizabeth Button, and has for years, wishing to become her and actually likes being noticed by her. Unfortunately, she feels that Elizabeth noticing her only happens because of pity, and Sophie has a very strong sense of pride about ‘doing stuff for herself’ and ‘making her own way’. She’s always been nothing but ashamed when Elizabeth keeps offering to help her out, and abjectly refuses.

She gets arrested on her eighteenth birthday for trying to sell her virginity for a high price… To an undercover cop (he’d seemed like the cleanest option at the time). After sitting in a jail-cell for a couple of days, Elizabeth’s help seemed somehow more alluring than keeping her already-cripples pride on its feet. At last, Sophie called Liz to come bail her out.

When Elizabeth has her live in the guest room, she quickly discovers that Elizabeth actually loves her… Romantically. Even though she doesn’t view any other woman with as sexual, she immediately finds it easy to do with Elizabeth. Hell, she’s honored that Elizabeth could ever like a little piece of street-trash like she was! Of course she would want a relationship with her hero once it was on the table—it was like a dream come true… Except that a relationship with Elizabeth comes at a price. Elizabeth is the boss, Elizabeth makes the rules, and Elizabeth is judge-jury-and-executioner to those rules, and is quite the disciplinarian! And not just that–Sophie has to actually “share” Elizabeth with her two ultra-successful boyfriends in the house who make no bones that they want to have an “unusual” relationship with her as well.

She’s a very nervous person, and she’s shy and weary of strangers, but she doesn’t judge at all, and she knows that she’s a naive person so she doesn’t even know what’s normal or not in the upper and middle classes. This makes her someone who’s able just to let someone else take the lead and guide her through most sexual things and even is why she allows discipline.

She gets along with Josh, who is a warm-mannered and kind of goofy, before she warms up to Charlie, who is very dominant and lectures her constantly. Eventually she starts viewing Charlie has her ‘Daddy’ since he takes care of her, and even protects her–even when her crazy relatives come calling.

Charlie Hobbes:Charlie Hobbes

(6’3”, 220 lbs) He used to be a Football Great… Until some asshole pounded him to the left so hard that he dislocated his shoulder and damaged one of his nerves. Although he can do most things still, he could never get his throw back. The injury his football career, but then he went right into sport journalism, and because of his popularity, he quickly became one of the top-line football broadcasters for ESPN.

It’s okay—he has Liz keep him looking smooth in suits and ties now, and whenever he wants to hit something, he just goes to play amateur hockey with his little brother’s team.

That being said, he being a quarterback since he was fifteen has made him a control-freak. Okay, really, even before he was a quarterback he was on the path to being a ‘Dom’. Now, he loves being in charge, especially of the woman he’s with. Mixed with paternal instincts and seriously lacking the motivation to procreate, Charlie found his perfect fit right out of college when he got his first ‘little girl’, but really it’s been a string of heartbreak one after the other, ending with his most recent encounter, Lacey, who was his girl for two years before she dumped him for some vanilla sleazezoid.

He’s a two-woman man, but not a three-woman man. He likes the chase Liz gives him, and loves her to death as his best friend and as the hottest fuck imaginable, but she doesn’t give him what he wants easily—he always has to earn it. He has to really work to dominate her, because Liz is not a submissive and never will be. And he likes having a ‘little girl’ because he can dominate her, and even get in his embarrassment and innocence fetish and let loose with his overwhelming paternal side. But more women than that seems not only exhausting, but unnecessary.

It’s all he needs, although every now and then he lies to himself, thinking that Liz would be enough even though deep down he knows they’d both be miserable in a “closed” relationship. They’d tried it every-so-often in their lives, and it always ended up frustrating and nearly wrecking their friendship.

Joshua Hobbes:Joshua Hobbes

(6’2” 210 lbs)

He’s just that fun-loving guy who lives in your guesthouse out back. Talk about a go-with-the-flow kinda guy!

He’s three years younger than Charlie but acts like he’s ten years younger. He’s in OBY/GYN, but you’d never know he was a doctor just looking at him because he’s such a goofball.

Like Charlie, he does have a gruff side—but hockey has been a great outlet for him to let off his steam and access energy.

He loves Liz, and Liz loves him, especially because she can have him however (and let’s face it—whenever) she wants him, unlike Charlie. If she needs the lead in the bedroom, he gives it to her. That being said, if Joshua tells her to do something OUTSIDE of the bedroom, she’ll do it… Simply because he hardly ever orders anyone around—he’s just not that type of guy.

Because they sort of grew up together, Liz was sort of his first wet-dream. By the time he was eight-years-old, he was writing love-poetry to her… which made his older brother beat him up a few times, but he kept doing it. Somehow, when he was fourteen, he was able to seduce the young (then) seventeen-year-old into taking his virginity from him. That only intensified his infatuation with her.

He’s always been extremely cool about the age-play and sharing of Liz, and when it comes to the girls he normally has an invitation to play an “Uncle Josh” role, and he actually really enjoys it. Mostly because this is the only time he can play the dominant card during sex, (unless it be with one of the bimbos he brings home). That being said; he’s fun Uncle Josh that normally just gets to spoil his brother’s “little girls”; he has been known to give a spanking, but he’s really just as happy to watch… In fact, he likes watching an awful lot; he does have a spanking fetish, but he’s sort of too lazy to really have a relationship like that.

Unlike Charlie, he does like himself a good one-night stand and dates often, but he also never plans to have kids and he doesn’t even plan to move out of the guest house since he’s so attached to Liz (and his brother) and doesn’t want to ever leave her… Ever. He would follow her to the ends of the Earth! Though, it’s hard to say who takes care of who more—a lot of times it seems like Josh takes more care of Liz than the other way around.

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