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Saturday Spankings

Click the image to get more Saturday Spanking Sneak Peeks from your favorite spanking authors!

Hi guys! As per the “Saturday Spanking” rules, I get to sneak peek you 8 sentences from my most recently written spanking scene! Whoot! May your own Saturday be Spankalicious!

Spanking Excerpt Learning to Blush: Swarii Brides, Book Two


(Learning to Blush is a science fiction spanking novel available here).



“Can’t we just start fresh?” she begged, the room feeling extremely cold on her naked skin.

“We will start fresh after your punishment,” he promised, unhooking her bra.

“I was hoping we could start before…” she clarified, covering her naked breasts.

She stifled a sigh and steadied herself by holding onto his shoulder as she stepped out of her panties and her shoes. She felt awkward standing naked in front of him—it definitely felt different if she was naked for him before sex. Before making love, Graham looked at her differently: with a lecherous, wolf-like gaze. Right before spanking her, his face seemed filled with business-like determination. Something about his expression lectured, “I would also rather be having sex with you. Instead, I have to spank you to tears.”He pulled down her panties to the floor. “I know. Step out,” he instructed patiently.

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