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Saturday Spankings

Click the image to get more Saturday Spanking Sneak Peeks from your favorite spanking authors!

Hi guys! As per the “Saturday Spanking” rules, I get to sneak peek you 8 sentences from my most recently written spanking scene! Whoot! May your own Saturday be Spankalicious!

Spanking Excerpt Shared Between Them:

(Shared Between Them is a fantasy spanking MFM menage story)


“Please!” She was more than certain she was the first elf in history to have said ‘please’ to a human. She was exploring all sorts of taboo behavior today! She was nearly thankful her brothers were dead; if they knew about this, they’d never let her live it down.

“All joking aside, little elf, you’ve earned yourself a good solid hiding. Now be a good girl and take your medicine,” Draevan replied unsympathetically, somehow even firming his grip on her. It was hard to struggle at all; her pants around her knees was even hampering most of her kicks and squirms. 

That was probably for the best—her kicks and squirms, it came to mind, probably made her look like she was a naughty three-year-old being taken in hand.

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