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Finally out on Amazon and Blushing Books (B&N coming soon), Learning to Blush: The Swarii Brides, Book Two is available to anyone looking for scifi spanking goodness. I’ve been really, really fortunate so far and people are taking the book, on the whole, like I meant it to be: an exciting adventure packed full of spankings that weren’t too contrived but well deserved by the ladies who got them.

Learning to Blush was a novel I loved thinking about, love having written, but man-oh!-man did I hate writing it at the time. I joke that it was akin to having birth. I meant it to be a 55 thousand word jaunt like Never Submit! and it ended up twice that long, filled with SEVERAL escapades that brought about the conclusion of the Swarii-Frian Wars.

I’m really excited about this novel because Thorton was SO difficult to write. You don’t know how many times I had to re-write this book to get this guy laid. He kept sticking his foot in his mouth, Penny kept getting offended, Thorton kept going from being too pushy, too possessive, to too stand-offish. It’s like the character didn’t want to procreate or something. So, this was a labor of love. (Apparently, I’m one of those authors that let the characters mold them more than the other way around.)

Thorton made me proud. He’s sort of a Riddick-type character (actually, he looks a lot like Vin Deisel. Not as tall as anyone else, but he’s bad-ass and strong enough that you wouldn’t notice), he’s an amazing fighter, easily frustrated, and always has a thing to say to piss a woman off yet underneath is a guy full of pain and angst and loss. He’s a screw-ball who you call a screw-up, yet he’s the type of guy who would help you bury a body, no questions asked.

Penny, on the other hand, I drew from real-life off of many of my vanilla friends from college. Smart as all get-out, but stubborn as hell with a slutty side that cannot be tamped down. She’s also in the lookout for love, because as pretty as she is, she’d been extremely neglected (and even slightly abused) by her parents and just needs to be held and appreciated as being something other than a piece of meat.

And, back again, is spritely Ellie–the same smack-talking girl from the last book, filled with spunk and eager to prove her stuff and win the war. This time, she’s not alone. She’s naughty as ever, sure, but now she has her brother and two twin cousins to back up her hair-brained schemes (okay, these guys were fun to write, they never gave  me any flak).

I hope you’ll love the naughty antics they all get into in this spicy sci-fi erotica! Read the first chapter here

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