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Hear ye, hear ye–two totally awesome medieval stories are available at!

This is really exciting–not because it’s my first medieval–but because I had the opportunity to do a combo-book with the extremely talented Renee Rose, who’s writing will just knock your socks off! Her work is absolutely amazing, and she’s so professional to work with.

Also, and this is going to sound sort of bizarre, this is my first story published by Stormy Night Publications… That’s right. The company I own hasn’t published anything by me yet. Certainly, that’s because I’m a slow, slow writer. (Mind you, I have two more books coming out in February, and one other book (Learning to Blush) coming out this month, but that’s totally a fluke). I always have a million things going at the same time, so I tend to get a bunch of things done at once. I sort of have ADD–a special kind that’s mostly related to writing. Let’s cal it WADD.

What about the story “Claiming the Liar”? It said you finished it, then poof! Disappeared! WTF?

Until the cover’s made, everything is tentatively titled. “Claiming the Liar” had been retitled to “Quite Decided”, which is part of this very set! So, don’t worry. I didn’t mess with you guys. Just changed the title. I fought for it, too, but James said “Nu-uh,” and you know. I do what James says for the most part.

So, really. How did you get Renee to work with you? Doesn’t she know you’re a spaz?

Nope, she doesn’t know that I’m a spaz. I can suck it in and fool people into thinking I can even tie my own shoelaces, and I’m sure that’s why she agreed. 🙂  But seriously, Renee was so nice for agreeing to do a combo with me. Thanks so, so much Renee!

What’s it about, then? Man, are you bad at advertising or what?

Right. I guess you might want the whole… info… don’t you? Well, here you go!


For Lady Camilla, the only thing worse than managing Falconworth castle on her own would be her overlord discovering that she is a widow and marrying her off to his wretched nephew. Keeping her husband’s death a secret is a top priority, right up there with ensuring that troops from a rival castle don’t break down her curtain wall gate with their battering ram.

Yet when a devilishly handsome knight by the name of Sir Balen rides to her rescue, she is reluctant to turn over the control she has become accustomed to wielding. The attraction between them is palpable, but his arrogant assumption of the position and duties of her late husband irritates her, especially because those duties seem to include spanking her bare bottom!

Can she swallow her pride and propose the marriage which she knows would be best for all involved, or will her stubbornness cost her and the people of Falconworth dearly?


When eighteen-year-old Wenda discovers that she is to be married off to a nobleman easily old enough to be her grandfather, she concocts a desperate plan to avoid that fate. Lord Talus, who was like an older brother to her growing up, will marry her instead—she is quite decided on it.

The only problem with this plan is the fact that Talus refuses it outright. Wenda has grown into a beautiful woman, but he has known her since she was a child and he cannot bring himself to expose her to the dark, hungry, sexual side of him which she would see as his wife.

Talus underestimates the lengths to which Wenda will go to carry out her plan, however, and he finds a marriage with her forced upon him by false allegations that he has stolen her maidenhood in the night. For her part Wenda soon learns, to her dismay, that her new husband is well within his rights to bare his young wife’s bottom and chastise her firmly for her scheming. Moreover, he intends to thoroughly enjoy every curve of her beautiful body once he feels the time is right to have his way with his new bride.

Publisher’s Note: Lords and Ladies contains two erotic novellas which include both consensual and non-consensual spankings, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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