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Alright, folks–it’s time to tune you all into my obsessions.

Can’t get a-hold of Korey today? She’s in her KC cocoon, reading this book and getting schooled on how to write all-time great sex scenes.

When a Kresley Cole book comes out, like it does today, I take that one day a year and I don’t do anything. Or I try not to. No, no–it’s just a day of me sitting on my sofa reading the newest KC book until until my eyes tire. When my eyes tire, I’ll just go right to my audio book version.

Afterwards, I’ll go into a depression and walk around the place, calling myself a total hack. After THAT, I will make outrageous claims that I will go and kick her ass book sale wise by writing the “Best Romance Novel ever made.” I’ve yet to do it, but I will, because I simply hate being embarrassed like this. She’s really, really good. And unfortunately, as I get  better… So does she! She needs to go on hiatus for a few years so I can play some serious catch-up.

Now, there’re barely any spankings in her books; barely any HINTS of it. So for a lot of you, maybe it wouldn’t be up your alley. For my own part, I can’t hold that against her. You see– nobody writes Alpha Males better than KC. Well, except future me. (I still have high hopes about be getting bit by a radioactive pen which will give me super-writing powers.)

That’s what’s happened the last couple of years, anyway (I didn’t know about her until Jan of 2011). This is my Third Annual Kresley Cole day (the date of the day moves every time she makes a release in the Immortals After Dark series, which I’m totally into). Needless to say, I’m so excited that if I was a cockerspaniel, I would have piddled on the floor a million times today already. I’ve been enthused since it was announced probably about six months ago.

This year’s book? Shadow’s Claim. Vampire assassins  Check. Demons? Check. Sorceri? Check. Millennial-old men, with all the vigor of their early thirties, chasing after a college-aged immortal? Check.

So, if you’ve read my books, you can see why I fell for HER books–they were right up my alley! I’ll probably post my comments on it after I’m done reading it and going through my post-book depression which will then spur my “I’m a hack!”  phase.

So, I’ll see you after I hatch from my KC cocoon  everyone. Until then… You should really check her out so I have someone to gush about the Immortals After Dark series with (although her other series ROCKED, too, but they’re completed…)

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