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I have officially decided to join the Six-Sentence fray. Since I can’t follow rules, it may or may not be six sentences–but I guess a paragraph or two sneak-peak will do ‘er.

Enjoy a snippet from my new Medieval romantic erotica, full of spanking and spice:

He found himself snapping his arm out and firmly capturing her chin in his hand. He was no gentle, he had to be hurting her face with his rough fingers and tight grip, but she stared straight on at him, unintimidated, even though he growled fiercely  “You listen here, Girl. That will not happen. You will not ruin the relationship we have; if it gets replaced by another, you will not like it. I would teach you to heel. I would pound you with my manhood until you couldn’t walk out of the bedchamber! It is not the life you want, it is not the life I want for you, and I can assure you that the life would be long. I am not an old man yet.” 

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