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At long last, Otherworldly Discipline is available for more than just to members on Bethany’s Woodshed, where this story was originally published.

But you get more than the members do. For one, this story was heavily edited and clarified. Secondly, it has a bonus chapter included to the next book of the series!

As far as anyone could tell, Charlotte was the last Byndian witch left alive, and only one wizard knew the secrets to the magic of her nearly extinct race. That wizard was Ashcroft the Archivist, one of the hardest working wizards in existence… which was really too bad, because Charlotte was probably the laziest witch in the universe.

When a handsome, smooth-talking wizard by the name of Lachlan presents Charlotte with an opportunity to sidestep centuries of study under Ashcroft, she gladly takes it… without telling Ashcroft of course.  She quickly regrets her bargain as she learns more about Lachlan, and discovers that he is a mortal enemy of Ashcroft.

Even aside from the fact that she signed a contract with a dark wizard without reading it, she regrets her decision because she has slowly come to love learning under Ashcroft’s firm guidance, even though that firm guidance is often applied via his hard hand on her bare bottom. For his part, Ashcroft has cast propriety to the winds and fallen in love with his beautiful, feisty student.

When Lachlan returns to collect what he is owed under the contract, Charlotte learns that the price she unwittingly agreed to pay for her ill-gained knowledge is far higher than she could have ever imagined, and her world is turned upside down.  Will Ashcroft find a way to save Charlotte so that he can someday scandalize the Wizard’s Circle by marrying his apprentice, or will he lose her forever?

Publisher’s Note: This story has been edited since it’s original publication on Bethany’s Woodshed and also includes the first (bonus of an extra length of 6,000 words bringing the total to 94,000 words) chapter of the second book in the Otherworldly Discipline Series!

Also, please keep in mind that this story contains graphic sex and anal punishment (figging) as well as non-consensual spankings. If such subject matter might offend you, please don’t purchase this title. 


This was actually one of my favorite stories to write. It came out of my brain very quickly, and the characters actually got along like they were supposed to from the get-go, even though I was so indecisive about what plot I wanted to use for it.

Originally, I planned this story to have a very different plot: the main girl was originally living in a wizard-torn human world on the down-low as a well-hunted fugitive, hiding from her own race. Ashcroft was a wizard she was trading with for supplies, who she didn’t trust either, and Ashcroft was stuck in the dangerous Otherworld because the other wizards banished him there. Moriarty was originally a werewolf, not a werefox (Huxian), but that being said, Ashcroft was still a patient yet exasperated teacher, Moriarty was always his rakish, snarky servant, and Charlotte always had the attention span of a knat.

I can’t wait until the plot of this completed version, which is completely different, continues to unfoil in the second of the series. We’re also excited to see how “Fantasy” sells to know if we should publish more of it in the future.

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