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Yay! I’m pretty much done with Learning to Blush. Deep down I’d love someone to read it over and do another edit for me, but so much has changed since the original version that was released on Bethany’s Woodshed. For one, I added another 4,000 words, took out whole scenes and added new ones.

But NOW it’s ready. I feel much, much better about it–I wasn’t at first. I had to work out some kinks and do some fine-tuning. I hope to have the new version on Bethany’s Woodshed this Thursday, too.

For now, the cover is finished, too. Whoot!

Learning to Blush: Swarii Brides, Book Two by Korey Mae Johnson

Year Published: Coming in 2013

Book Length: 106,239 words, 16 chapters

Summary: After years of neglect and having only some crazy siblings and cousins to fall in with, Penny Jonas eked out a position in her small Oregon community as the town tramp at the early age of eighteen. She hasn’t been anywhere or done much of anything except maybe hacked into a couple (hundred) computer systems.

Life doesn’t seem too interesting, even when her cousin, Ellie, had disappeared two years before. It didn’t become interesting until Ellie showed up again under mysterious circumstances, out of nowhere, with a strange and hardly believable story.

After two very large and stunningly handsome men with six fingers show up at their door, one extremely unwilling to touch her at all, Penny’s world starts to crumble. An evil alien force has followed the two men to the planet, Penny and her kin end up in a spaceship of their own.

So, the handsome, single man is an alien? Strangely, that’s not the largest rift between them as they fall in love. Penny finds that being in outer-space is far more treacherous than the Oregon boonies. Sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to survive at all.

Can she last through the hardships ahead? Can she find a place in this New World, or will she find herself in the arms of her trouble-yet-fated mate?

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