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Never Submit by Korey Mae Johnson
Year Published:
 March 2012

 Read 1st Chapter

Book Length: 10 chapters / 56,282 words

Summary: Ellie Jonas has one big problem–she’s a space alien’s harem girl. Unfortunately, she finds herself a constant subject of humiliation, anal punishment, and spankings, all for the pleasure of her new Frian lord.

And she’s still the luckiest human in the galaxy because she can understand ‘Shal’ta’, the aliens’ telepathic language. Because of this small blessing, she’s able to really get ahead in the harem-girl business. The ability lets her play her lord like a fiddle enough to let herself and her friends sidestep their way into a semi-decent survival without harsh punishment.

Until Graham Masterson shows up on the scene. And then punishments start anew, especially when she falls for this human-like space warrior who has a hard hand and a hot temper… and even a hotter passion for her.

But how many spankings will she get before she’s forced to submit for the sake of happiness? Or will she stick to her human roots and never submit?

Publisher’s Note: Never Submit! is an erotic novel that includes non-consensual spankings, consensual spankings, rather graphic sex scenes, punishment enemas and anal play, mouth soaping, and more. Very spicy, but if such material offends you, don’t buy this book.

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