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Alright—so. James and I won a free cruise to go on this Spring, and it’s my goal to wear nothing but bikinis and miniskirts the whole time. Although I haven’t been gaining any weight, my weight’s certainly not going down either, and like hell I’m going to wear anything sexy until I’m at my goal weight: 130.

I’ve been at 130 before and I think I looked very good there, though it’s possible that I may want to lose more when I get there. But still, that leaves me with about 20 pounds to lose.

Tonight, though filled with water, I weighed 151.1 pounds (in the morning I tend to weigh up to 5 pounds less).

Talking about the spanking diet with James was a challenge, because he knows my weight can fluxuate up to 8 lbs in a normal day—I don’t know why this is. Hormones? Water? The Devil? But whatever it is, it makes the “if you don’t lose weight at this time next week” rule very hard to enforce, because I could eat nothing and still gain 4 lbs by next week at this time. That’s just the way I am.

James and I have rattled around with the “Spanking Diet” idea for a long time. But it’s hard to enforce—things come up and I can’t exercise, or I forget to keep a food journal.

So, although James doesn’t need to lose weight at all, James still expects me to work out 5 times a week (if I’m feeling well) and to keep a FOOD JOURNAL. Which I’ve kept before, but they’re hard to keep track of. He’ll be keeping a food journal, too, just to make sure it is a possible feat and he’s not expecting something superhuman of me.

I should add that James hasn’t said anything about my weight at all. It’s just as good as when we first met—I’d gained weight for awhile, but then I lost it back to my original “meeting James” weight, which is where I am now.

Blah, blah, blah! Let’s bring this rambling escapade back to spanking. How can spanking help with a diet?

Well, that’s just what we’re looking into. Lots of people have lost weight on the spanking diet—just peek into the American Spanking Society and see—they have been rattling away at a Spanking Diet since I found their blog, and it looks like they’re doing great.

The idea in place is simple: if I don’t achieve my weight-loss goals, I get spanked. Pure and simple. A lot of people’s weight-loss goals are different; mine’s merely exercise and a journal. Others are sometimes rules like ‘losing so much weight every week’, but I can’t do that, as stated.

But to make this work, every time I come close to not obtaining those goals I’ll be realizing that my failures will result in a pink bottom, which is definitely a good motivator.

Where can it go wrong? Not with me, really—life will be very tough for me if I don’t follow my goals IF James follows through. SO the responsibility lies on James to enforce these rules, which is tougher than it sounds. James likes to spoil me, and he has to be really stern this time.

If it works, though—I will be one happy camper. Let’s just hope my butt doesn’t get too bruised on the way there!

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