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…Albuquerque. It was quite nice. I loved it, actually—I might just move there in a year or two. New Mexico really is the scha-nizzle.
And you had no computer in Albuquerque?!

It was really busy! I work 16 hours a day rather commonly, and remember, I work for Blushing Publications (ABCD Webmasters) and so I work around spanking all day, every day. Which makes me exceptionally lucky, but unfortunately, lately, when I’ve had some spare time, I normally pursue non-spanking activities. But now I’m back, back and bringing you all my spanking thoughts. I actually had quite a few. I’ve done much more thinking about the blog than I have been doing the blog. Of course, it’s been that way all along!
In short, I’ve been doing more brain-work for this blog than work-work.
Why has work been so darn busy?

The Spanking Story Archive has been 2 years behind at one point. I had to bring them up to date—which I just finished this Sunday. And I also run Spanking Romance. AND I’ve had to get the new store up and running. And it’s REALLY buggy right now. I mean, still aesthetically pleasing at it works, but there’s a problem with the download-expiration and the fact that it asks for your credit card number twice and that the checkout page template is funky… Awe, man oh man, oh man. It’s been tough. I’ve also been helping out with covers lately. Also, our customer service had gotten behind and we had to let someone go, and I tried to help pick up the slack until the new customer service rep, Tia, got situated. Now, they told me to “Stop doing Customer Service!” Which… Is sad. L
How’s the Spanking Diet?

I’m in my mid-140s now, instead of mid 150s. Which is GREAT. But my spanking diet has been working differently than how it works for others. The “Spanking Diet” for ME consists of me working so much I forget to eat lunch. Or Breakfast… Or both. Works wonders! I have been working out pretty regularly, though—no escaping that. Food journal—out the window. I haven’t touched it since I left for Albuquerque. It’s HARD to maintain a food journal!
James and I decided that we needed a resolution—I want to get to my goal-weight. The Weight of my dreams—130. So, James’ job is if I don’t work out when he’s at work EVERY WEEK DAY—I get spanked. No ifs, ands, or butts. J But I’ve been REALLY good about it so far. No spankings yet! Not for that at least.
..No Spankings this Summer, you said?
I never said that. I meant I hadn’t gotten a spanking for not working out yet. I have been getting fewer spankings… I got a small one just last week for “swearing in church”. (Which is a crock. “Ass” is totally PG now.) James said I can’t say “ass” in front of…
1. The Elderly
2. Church
3. The Pastor
4. His boss
But… It’s PG! I mean, at one point, “Shoot” was bad. We need to fade in with the times. Who’s on my side?!

You know, people were getting worried…
I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’ll do better. Much, much better. I have my next post almost written, in fact. So keep posted!

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