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The Evening’s Entertainment

Emily drove like a maniac, and of course she did. She was upset, and she wasn’t a good driver to begin with. It was also extremely foggy up there in the mountains, making the winding road ahead nearly impossible to see. Still, the speed limit sign was but a bauble.

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It probably didn’t help that she was crying and seeing through a small, glossy shield of tears, but it all explained why, in the next five minutes, she was going to get into a car accident in the middle of nowhere. After that, believe it or not, her night was actually going to get worse—or at least very, very interesting.

And really, it was all Tom Duncan’s fault. Tom, with his wiry yet alluring and tall frame, his windswept black hair, his dark eyes, his bad-boy manner, and that knowing smile he would give her every day in their Biology class, had done the unspeakable, and on the worst possible night.

Tom had slept with Suzie—Suzie! Her best friend; the one person on the entire planet who knew how Emily felt, the only girl Emily had let into her confidence since they were five years old and sharing dolls and lollipops. You’d think in fifteen years, Suzie would recognize quite well what she’d done, which was taken the last remaining hope of her asexual friend actually acquiring some sort of a mate.

Because it definitely looked, from all accounts, like Emily was going to graduate college, get a job, a house and a cat, and just go back and forth between the two. She wasn’t the type of person who would go and try to schmooze with others; she was too nervous about being rejected by her peers. She dressed plainly, wore her hair plainly, never wore makeup, never did her nails, never did anything for herself, and so other people certainly didn’t approach her. She practically melted into the wallpaper… Until Tom, who seemed like he genuinely liked her. He noticed her, at least, which is more than any other boy had done in her twenty years thus far.

And by all accounts, it didn’t even seem like Suzie even liked him at all. “He’s too tall. And his hair is too black,” Suzie would tell her, hemming and hawing about Tom’s appearance. But Emily liked his looks more than anything and so, as soon as Susie realized that Tom was invited to the same Halloween party that she was, Suzie tried to be as supportive as possible.

The Halloween costume party was to be held in a mansion—one of the men in their Biology class was actually some sort of wealthy heir whose family had a home up in the mountains and, mostly to be polite, he had invited everyone he knew, including Tom, Suzie and Emily.  The man, Roger, was able to be liberal with the invites since he actually had a ballroom, tons of space, a swimming pool, and for one guy, had more bedrooms than he could count… And he would talk about it often—too often.

“You should go!” Suzie had squeaked on the way out of class. “You need to! You need to actually see Tom outside of class for more than… I don’t know what you do—coffee? Beatnik poetry?” She had scrunched her nose and poked Emily’s ribs with her elbow. “Come on, we’ll get you totally slutted out.”

“Slutted… Out.” Emily had raised her eyebrows and stared at Suzie as if she was the first person to put the two words together. “No.” She gave a nervous laugh. In her entire life, she hadn’t even shown cleavage.

“Hey, believe it or not, Tom’s a guy. Guys like boobage.” Suzie, as if it was necessary, had wiggled her boobage and gotten many passing men’s attention for doing so. “And you’ve got it! I keep telling you, you’re hot. You just don’t know it. You know one of those ‘Magic Eye’ posters? Where you squint at it until you see what’s really in there? That’s you!”

“Yeah, I was never able to get those…” Emily had reminded with a weary drawl.

Suzie had laughed, “I know, right? But I mean, when was the last time you looked at the mirror naked?”

Emily frowned. “I… don’t look into the mirror when I’m naked…” She went on to add, “The mirror’s best shot with me is when I’m washing my hands.”

Suzie had grinned and shook her head. “I don’t know how we’ve spent so much time together and we’re SO different! Well, I’m gonna do you a favor. For once in your life, I’m gonna make you sexy, you’re gonna get Tom’s attention and, if he wants to, you should let him actually kiss you. Touch you—maybe squeeze a boob. And you know what? If he wants you to round third base, you should do that, too!”

Emily had looked back and forth, sure that someone had heard that, but no one even looked in their direction… And that’s probably because getting to third base was something talked about in high school, not in college. She was one of the only virgins she knew at her age.

“Fine, I’ll let you dress me,” Emily had huffed with a pinch of desperation about her. “Just ONCE, though. Don’t get used to it.”

“No restrictions, though, right?” Suzie had looked so excited that she had been bouncing on her toes.

Emily had rolled her eyes towards the ceiling and groaned. “Urgh, fine. But you better enjoy it.”

And she did. By the end of the month, Susie was acting like she had never had more fun playing with her life-sized doll. Emily had been dressed like a naughty Indian girl—one who wore high heels rather than moccasins under fringed boot tops. Feathers were woven into her hair, which Suzie had highlighted, her nails were manicured now, and she was actually wearing makeup.  She had never felt so out of place.

“I don’t think this costume is historically accurate,” she mentioned flatly as she drove Suzie’s car as best she could with the alien shoes.

“What tipped you off?” asked Suzie. “The fact that you’re wearing suede and not deerskin? Or the fact that I’m trying to make you sexy for Tom and not for Dances With Wolves?”

Emily had huffed and pulled up to the mansion and looked up at it. “Well, it’s huge,” she commented. “No wonder he lives in the sticks. This place would cost like… A billion dollars in the town… Roger’s commute must seriously blow.”

She had parked the car where everyone else seemed to be doing so, got out of the car, and fell onto her knees. “Alright, who invented high heels? I have a feeling it was a man… and he needs to be kicked right in the nuts,” she grumbled as Suzie walked around the car in her slutty princess costume to help her up.

“Do you want me to have the keys?”

“Depends,” Emily replied. “Are you drinking? Because I won’t.” She didn’t ever drink… Suzie claimed it was one of the things that made her depressing.

“Alrighty,” Suzie chirped happily, pulling her friend towards the mansion. Roger, the host, was standing outside. “Hey, Roger!” she chimed. “Is Tom Duncan here yet?”

Roger glanced around and shrugged, “Yeah, I saw him come in about ten minutes ago. He’s probably out in the South balcony still…” His head glanced towards Emily, then back at Suzie, and then snapped in Emily’s direction with new appreciation. “Who’s your friend?” he asked, turning from his friends and looking down at Emily, staring at her tits.

“Emily,” Emily had reminded, expressionless.

His face showed no signs of recognition.

She tried again. “Emily Pascal.”

Still, Roger’s face was blank.

Emily sighed. “From the biology study group? I sit in front of you. You borrow a pencil from me, like… every day?”

Roger’s blank face suddenly lit up. “Oh… EMILY! Riiight,” he drawled, and then he looked more impressed. “Wow… You’re… you’re looking good tonight. You normally wear glasses, right? That you wear at the edge of your nose? Like a librarian?”

“Readers are good for your eyes!” she defended sharply, frowning.

“No doubt!” Roger said, putting up his hands to show he meant no offense. “Here, Em—let me get you a beer!” he took her hand and wheeled her into the house.

Suzie merely looked amused. “I’ll find Tom, then come look for you,” she had promised, giggling over Emily’s protests that she never drank, and Roger’s ignoring of her.

To Emily’s disdain, Roger forced her to follow him around for nearly an hour, grabbing her back every time she tried to sneak off. She was hoping that Suzie would actually come looking for her, but she found herself fending for herself, and it took forever until Roger was talking to enough people that she was able to walk away from him without his notice; he seemed to always have at least one eye on her breasts at all times.

Many people knew Tom and Suzie, but nobody seemed to know where either of them were. Nowhere on the mountain could she even get enough cell-phone signal to text a message, and she found herself looking around the old-fashioned way; scanning her eyes over the thick party crowd until she started to step up the stairs.  Finally, she asked a frat-boy who was nursing a beer, “Do you know where Tom Duncan is?”

“Yeah, he’s upstairs somewhere with this blonde chick,” he jerked his thumb behind him. “I don’t know where, but…”

“Thanks,” she said, curiosity seeping out of her voice. She walked up to the second floor and down the hallway. Many of the rooms were occupied, it seemed, but she knew the sound of Suzie’s voice when she heard it coming through one of the doors. “Oh…” She heard Suzie’s chipmunk-like giggle echo through the door. “Tom, stop it! That’s bad.” Emily didn’t move, just pressed her ear to the window, her heart already clenching. “Oh… Oh, yes… Yes! Oh… Right… Right there… Oh… Oh, Tom, yeah, yeah…”

Emily and Suzie lived together, so it wasn’t the first time she’d heard her friend having sex… But this was the first time she was actually disgusted by it.

How could Suzie have done this to her? For minutes, Emily pressed herself to the wall outside, listening to both Tom and Suzie moan and groan. Emily realized that she would be alone forever, she would never have sex, and all there was to do in life was to get a cat… And let’s face it—with that animal, there wasn’t even the promise of unconditional love. She would be a spinster without so much as a friend…

She ended up walking from the house, unable to bear it any longer, ignoring Roger, who even tried to step in her way. He let her go when he saw that she was crying, his expression so confused and startled that it was if he considered her crying to be the most unnatural thing he’d ever seen.

And that’s how she ended up in the car, driving down the winding road, about to fly the car into a violent skid, where, saying only, “FUCK!” she forgot that when you hit a skid, you’re supposed to turn the wheel in the direction of the skid… Which is how she ended up barreling the car off the road, down the very long, very steep hill backwards, before finally hitting the back end of it right into a tree, practically bending the car in half.

She was alright, although she was surprised about that fact. She was certainly rattled, even slightly nauseous. But eventually she shook her head and sneered, “Figures.” She didn’t feel bad in the slightest about wrecking Suzie’s car. Suzie had already wrecked her love life and their friendship, and that was far harder to repair.

She opened the car and stumbled out of it, realizing she was still wearing high heels, which was not what she wanted to wear on a forest slope… She sighed and sat on the ground and pulled her cellphone out of her pocket.

No signal.

“Goddamn it, Roger! You HAD to live in the middle of nowhere? Why don’t you get a fucking apartment by the fucking college like the fucking rest of us?!” she yelled at no one in particular.

She put her head in her hands and took stock of her situation. She was sure it couldn’t get any worse. It was cold, her car was crashed, no signal, no friends, no sex, and no sneakers.

She snapped off her heels and braved the forest in bare feet.

She wasn’t used to going bare footed. She was the type of girl who would wince if she found the tiles on the bathroom floor too cold in the morning. “I just wanted to go home…” she cried to herself. “Have a three-some with Ben and Jerry…” Her knees kept buckling under her tender steps, and the hill was so steep, she found herself walking around it, hoping to find her way back to the road later on. She realized her body was still rattled by the accident, and besides that, she was freezing. It was not the day to show off her figure. It was the day to wear a coat.

It was extremely dark, too. Dark, foggy, and creepy. She did her best not to think about any of the horror movies she had seen in her life where the victim was doing the same thing she was doing before they were eaten by some sort of monster.

It was then that she heard the whispers.

At first, she ignored them as much as she could, hoping to God they were coming from her brain. But the whispers became more clear, and then she heard men giggling… and the giggles and squeaks and chuckles became easier and easier to hear, more and more substantial.

“Please,” she thought to herself. “Let me just have hit my head in the accident…”

She saw several pairs of yellow eyes watching her from the tree-line, and she froze. “Please, oh please oh please let this be a hallucination,” she continued to pray, squinting her eyes shut. It was a weird thing to ask for—hoping that she was injured enough to create a hallucination, but it was certainly better than the alternative—which was that there were many horrible things out in the woods staring at her.

She wondered if anyone had had this true of a Halloween experience since Jaime Lee Curtis’ character did in that one movie with the guy and the face mask…

More giggling, more whispering surrounded her. And although she squinted, blinked, and shook her head, she couldn’t help the fact that now she was making out words. “I’d like to get my fingers deep in HER.”

“My fingers aren’t the only thing I’d like deep in her…” came a mischievous sneer in reply. “When was the last time we tasted human pussy?”

“Years, decades, centuries… Who knows anymore? Too long.”

She heard the sound of feet crunching leaves, and the crunching sounds came close by her. She opened her eyes again and saw figures approach her out of the tree-line. “Awe, look! Scared like a little mouse!”

Another one of the figures made kissing noises at her.

They were men, she realized, although their hair was wild, their faces were pale, and their eyes glowed bright red… Alright, maybe that meant they weren’t men. Which was too bad; before that night, she was the last person that thought they could be anything else. She was logical, a medical student. She believed in science. But the glowing eyes… That… That was unknown to science.

“Back away, I’ve got mace!” she threatened, although she didn’t. Her voice came out as a nervous, unthreatening rasp.

The men giggled again and continued to approach.

“Ah, shit,” she sighed, unable to believe it. She was going to get eaten by supernatural creatures, she just knew it. She spun around and quickly tried to climb the hill behind her, clutching the ground with her toes and fingers, scrambling to escape like she’d never scrambled before.

It did her no good—within moments, she felt hard hands and fingers press her down to the cold, damp ground and then pull her away.

“Don’t worry, Love. You’ll love this!” one of the voices snickered as he pinned her hands behind her and bound them with rope.

“I’ll carry her to the clearing.”

“I’ll carry her.”

“No, me!”

“I got her first!”

The creatures bickered like children. But finally she was picked up and then tossed over one of their shoulders. Fingers reached up and pinched where her bottom met her thigh, an area which she realized was viewable in this outfit and in this position.

“What are you?” she demanded desperately, angrily, trying to squirm off his shoulder, even as he held her legs to his chest.

“Ain’t you seen a goblin before, Love?” was the answer. Her mouth shut as she blinked with fear. “No? Well, you’re gonna see a lot more of us before the night’s over…”

Goblins? That was unexpected. The men didn’t look like goblins. She looked over and saw that their ears were pointy, but they weren’t short and green. They certainly looked different than human men; they were scarier, with old, tattered clothing, and dirty faces, but they certainly didn’t look like anything she’d ever seen in a children’s book…

“She’ll make a fine party favor,” one of the three goblins said proudly.

“I’m not a favor!” she assured him firmly, then she ordered between gritted teeth, “Let me go!”

More giggling—cackling… The sound was very inhuman, and made her heart pace madly.

They trooped along with her in tow for maybe half an hour before she could hear the distant trill of fiddle jigs and could note a flickering of firelight when she craned her neck to see where the sounds were coming from. “Here we are!”

She could smell the aroma of roasted pig already, and when she was brought into the clearing, she realized that’s because the goblins seemed to be throwing a party of their own, and she was the only female about. There were dozens of them, and when they realized what her captor was toting they screeched with glee. “Entertainment! Excellent! What would All Hallows be without entertainment?”

“We saw this girl out roaming the woods! Ain’t we lucky, though?”

She wriggled harder and was eventually dropped unceremoniously to the ground. She wasted no time, and tried her best to spring through the crowds. She ended up running into a particularly large goblin head-on. His eyes didn’t glow, but were black—there was no white in his eyes at all! It made him terrifying, and aside from the fact that his body was muscular and warrior-like. He looked like a creature who could easily snap her in two if he so chose.

She gulped and took a considerable step back, but as she did so, he loomed forward and grabbed her wrist, grinning. “Where do you think you’re going, little treat?” he asked her in a smooth, milky voice.

He didn’t look like the type of guy who she could outrun, let alone threaten. But she felt like she had to TRY to get out of this, somehow. “Um, home?” she hoped. “Th-this looks like a fun gathering and all… but I got this test tomorrow I need to study for, and you know… it’s a little on the cold side tonight, and I’m a little under-dressed, so I’m just gonna…”

He smiled, showing fangs.

“Oh, dear lord, don’t eat me,” she begged, closing her eyes. “I really, really don’t want to be eaten today… It is not a good day for me…”

The cackling continued. “I have a different sort of hunger right now that you’ll satiate quite nicely,” the goblin promised, and then propelled her towards the crowd. They cleared into a circle around her, their bodies blocking every exit like bricks in a wall.

“P-please, please, l-let me go,” she stuttered. She was sure that she had never in her life been even a fraction as frightened as she was right at this moment as she saw the tallest, strongest goblin slowly step towards her.

He smiled and gestured towards another goblin, then waved his hands at her. A goblin came behind her and pulled her toward the ground by the bindings on her wrists, and held her there. She was seated, now, looking up at the approaching goblin, trembling and trapped. “Don’t tremble like that,” the goblin told her. “Believe it or not, you might like parts of this. And besides, you can hardly blame us. We certainly didn’t allow a pretty young half-dressed minx like you to wander around the woods tonight. The woods are ours tonight, my love, and we need to punish you for trespassing. You brought all this on yourself.” He didn’t seem too worried about punishing her, however. He seemed excited about it.

“I… I didn’t know! I’ll leave—I’ll leave right away!” she assured, continuing to squirm as he knelt down next to her.

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