Korey Mae Johnson

Shared: A Dark Dragon-Shifter Romance by Korey Mae Johnson & Sara Fields

We’re back!

Actually, we never left. As soon as ‘Mate’ was out, we were already twenty-thousand words into our Dragon Shifter romance. No rest for the wicked, baby.

This is a stand-alone romance that’s made in the same world as ‘Mate’, so you’ll be going back to Newsome in the book and you’ll also see our favorite Cajun witch and her motley crew. Samael’s still all-business, Ombre is more terrifying than ever. And Silas is still eagerly waiting a pay-day. 

This book is fun, sexy, and high-octane. It was super fun to write, and it was once again a very close-worked project with Sara Fields. Most writer-duos don’t write as closely as we do. We live close by each other, so we make our writing projects fun and written with love. 

Blurb coming soon, BUT if you’re like, ‘Hey, it’s you guys, I’m probably gonna like it’, I think you will, too. Go ahead and grab a copy today! The earlier the better, if you want to show your love! Thanks, wonderful readers!

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