Korey Mae Johnson

NEW RELEASE! Mate by Sara Fields & Korey Mae Johnson

The moment we felt the mate bond, her fate was sealed. We never thought of ourselves as the sort of savage beasts who would tear off a beautiful human girl’s clothes and ravage her as she screams out her shameful surrender with every brutal climax. Until Kaci. When the primal force that drives wolves to […]

Print Books, Print Books, Print Books!

I’m SO EXCITED to have my bestsellers finally in print for all of you who like to cuddle up with a nice, physical book and a cup of tea. I get you. I like to fill my bookshelf, myself (but I can’t, because I am one of those people you should NOT lend paperbacks to. […]

Here We Go Again

Alright, so after being offline WAY longer than I should have trying to redo the site, I trashes ALL of it and started again.  You know what? After seventeen years or so, it’s good to clean house.  #NoRegrets.  Good news is that I can post whatever I want now of the old stuff and most […]