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Because of my publishing business, I cannot make covers for people who write within my niche genre (spanking & BDSM). If this rule changes, I will make an announcement. Sorry for this rule–I love the writers of this genre, but what tends to happen is I make good art covers that compete with my business’ authors work, and I don’t want to do that to them.

However, if you write for a different niche, I would love to diversify my portfolio and take up your project!

Please write to me at and introduce yourself with a copy of your manuscript and a summary and I’ll send you a link to my cover form!

Want your project to be perfect? Choose your top ten favorite covers that you can think of, (if not 10, then 3 will do, but 10 makes it REALLY easy) and send them along with your email. If you like the title of one, colors of another, and general look of another, that’s cool, too! You have a style you like, you just might not realize it! My job is to give you a cover you love, and when I can  I like to do it on the first try!

Cost: Minimum $100 (Maximum $200). Price will be discussed when project is taken up and stock photos are selected.

Includes 1 free promotional item from a given selection of styles. Every additional promotional item is $20-$100 (depending on the complication of the promotional item.)

If you commission a series, I give bulk discounts if the general “look” of the series remains the same.

Commanding The Princess

31,000/31,000 Completed

Going through final revisions.  

Commanding the Princess is a medieval novella that will be sold in a Medieval collection along with works from Renee Rose, Sue Lyndon, Ashe Barker, and Dinah McLeod. They are all stand-alone novels but plots are within the same time and place. The book will also be up for sale individually. Series will be released February 2015.

Susanna, a Princess Regent, has had her kingdom sacked by the Holy Roman Empire, and pleads for mercy for her remaining citizens from the mercenary-turned-commander, Gerhard. Unfortunately for her, Gerhard has to turn her in to the Emperor to be tried for her life… but unfortunately for Gerhard–he was in love with the saucy royal at first sight. Could these enemies find love together? Or just a night of passion before Susanna’s world comes to a tragic end?

Keeping Their Baby (Being Their Baby Sequel) 

28,000/80,000 Words

A sequel to Being Their Baby that takes place five weeks after the last book ended, we find the Hobbes family go through new challenges. Josh is trying to forge a perminant relationship with Sophie, Charlie and Liz have to plan a wedding, and Sophie gets up to her eyeballs in trouble. This book will include an F/M scene as well as plenty of three-some sex, anal play, tons of spanking and humiliation, and enough eroticism to make your eyes bulge.

Being Her Daddy

5,000/50,000 Words

Although there’s a similar title in use, this is not part of my Being Their Baby collection. Being Her Daddy is a contemporary DD & Ageplay romance between a contemporary heterosexual couple. You’ll see tons of sex, anal play, spanking, and humiliation play galore. My husband James is leading this project, and I’m excited to be writing a book side by side with him. He’s fantastic.

Otherworldly Discipline, Two 

914,000/914,000 Completed

Going through final revisions. 

Should be out before Valentine’s day. I’ve had to rewrite a few chapters and characters with my editor’s suggestions, which has been extremely tough since I’m surrounded by deadlines left and right. I’m hoping to have the edits done in a couple of days, however.

As for the plot–this picks up 2 decades after the end of Otherworldly Discipline, Book One. Although Charlotte’s survived, she’s taken in by a demigod who keeps her as a childlike pet, all while Ashcroft has descended into depression and has taken to walking through the Otherworld as a wandering wizard while Moriarty’s family has taken control of the tower. When Moriarty’s children get kidnapped and Charlotte (called Maili) tries to escape a new, abusive husband, lives get thrown into turmoil. With old enemies charging towards them with a whole army, can the ill-fated group survive all the obstacles ahead of them, and can things ever be as they were?

Billionaire’s Babygirl 

30,000/60,000 Words

Russian billionaires Braum Vetter and Jakob Brunner have developed one of the most advanced computer anti-hacking programs in the world, and always on their tails are blackhat hackers that want to take them down. Jacey Cameron is a young sauvant who has been in the underworld since an early age, and who’s always on the run from her own demons. When she’s blackmailed by one of her enemies to infiltrate Jakob Brunner’s personal harddrive, she might find herself way in over her head. Seducing Jakob seems impossible by itself, but as the man is interested in ageplay and erotic humiliation play, she wonders how far she has to go, especially as she starts loving the two billionaires who care for her.

Hopefully this will be out by February.