Korey Mae Johnson

Korey Mae Johnson

I have been publishing Kink Erotica since I left college, where I walked away with my Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Writing and a Business Minor. I am from Oregon, but now I live in Texas with my wonderful family and my chickens.

I worked at another Kink Publisher since 2008 and began to run publications and bookshops, but then I got a bit disgruntled with them. So I decided to  start my own publishing house with my husband, and we’re still rocking it after all this time. I have to admit that my husband, James, does the vast bulk of the work now and I get to just make graphics and write.

I am also in the kink scene and so I have done a lot of research on my writing, but my side-fascination is psychology, which helps me flesh out my story lines and helps make my characters fun, and hopefully also gives them more depth than they’d otherwise have. 

I am a Christian, believe it or not (I know I’m not usual because my books are kinky, and my language is salty, etc), but please don’t take my hot stories for my entire person. I’m actually in a wonderful relationship and I love my family so, so much. I hope you use these books to spice up your own relationships and create stronger intimacy. Whoever you are, and whatever path you’re on right now, and whatever you’re going through, I want to share my love for you and I’m so thankful that you’re visiting me now and that you’re in the world. If you need a heart, a hug, or a prayer, don’t hesitate to use my contact information and give me a shout. If you don’t hear from me, try again! You don’t see me often on Social Media because I sort of hit-it-and-quit-it as a rule, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to connect! 

Thank you so much for reading and giving me a try, and to those of you who have been around since the beginning, I can’t thank you enough for reading my stories and bringing my characters to life. I hope you stick around. 

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