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My most recent release is actually part of a boxset. Probably, if you follow anyone else but myself, you know about it already. I blog so seldom I figure that nobody pays attention anymore to the blog at all, BUT to anyone out there that still visits and has their ear to the door, don’t miss this!

MY contribution is an alien BDSM menage story, BUT the boxset has some amazing stuff that trumps mine a million times over. I’m talking melt-your-shoes-off hot.

The other awesome authors who let me join were: Sue Lyndon Renee Rose Emily Tilton Annabel Joseph Cari Silverwood Sierra Cartwright Cara Bristol Natasha Knight Katherine Deane Ashe Barker Alta Hensley Trent Evans and Kallista Dane. Thank you everyone!

But Korey, what’s this “Available Only For a Limited Time” stuff? 

I mean this really won’t last! These are 14 novellas in one book! It WILL be taken off the shelves and will be probably sold separately, if at all. This is your only chance. Did I mention these are NOVELLAS, not short stories, so you’re going to really get a hell of a bang out of your buck here!


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