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Shared Between Them

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I am so excited! The story’s edited, formatted, covered, and now we’re just waiting on Amazon to look it over and stick it up! **Update: It’s up!** In celebration, this weekend’s Saturday Spankings will be from Shared Between Them again!

* * *

Considered untouchable by her kin, Kyra has been an outcast all her life.  Then two massive, battle-hardened human warriors stride into her woods on a quest to kill a giant and claim a great reward, and after her attempt at petty thievery is foiled, she finds herself stripped naked and soundly spanked.

But that is only the beginning, for the reward for the death of the giant is not only gold and jewels, but the hand of an elf-maiden in marriage, and Kyra is shocked to the core when she learns that the humans have not only completed the quest which cost the life of every previous adventurer, but they have chosen her as their prize.

Taric and Draeven neither understand nor concern themselves with Kyra’s status as an outcast—all they see is the most beautiful of all the elves, a woman who they have both longed to claim as their own and fill with their seed since they first set eyes upon her.  Raised as brothers, they have shared many women before, and now they will share a wife—and take her in any way they please, as often as they please, until she bears a son for them… the half-elven son of giantslayers whose birth has long been foretold.

Kyra, who had never expected to feel the pleasure of a man’s gentle touch, now must submit herself to the fierce, insatiable needs of two hulking barbarians. Yet something stirs within her, and though she blushes with shame at the very thought, she wonders if a day will come soon when she will beg for more.

Publisher’s Note: Shared Between Them is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes including threesomes and sex for the purpose of breeding, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and much more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

* * *

What’s going on here?

It goes without say that this is a different snippet than what I put up 6 weeks ago. This is further in the book, after Kyra has become well situated with her two husbands and they’re leading her back to their own homelands. Unfortunately, they’d offended Kyra’s king and they now have a flock of elf-guards trying to hunt them all down.

At this point, they’re still on the side of the mountains that Kyra actually grew up in, and she has family hunting grounds nearby. She tries to be sweet to her new husbands so she goes on a hunt. Unfortunatly, the men wake up alone and figure that she’s run away and now they’re going to have to scour the forest for her. They’ve fallen head-over-heels at this point, so her running away, where they might never find her, or getting kidnapped by the king’s guard, has made them both sick with panic.

After they find out that she was just doing some hunting at dawn, Taric strips her quickly and Draevan takes a switch to her immediately. This is towards the end of that particular spanking.

His words hissed over her wails, and even her ridiculous cries for Taric to intercede. “You will always tell—us—where—you’re—going—and you will never—EVER— go out on your own! — Do—you—understand—me?”

She clawed her fingers desperately into his trousers and his flank, trying to get him to let go of her.

SWACK! “Do you understand, Kyra?” he asked again.

She had to take a deep breath to cry out, “Yeees!” in a desperate wail.

He gave her ten more swipes without words, and the fire in her bottom felt like it was spread anywhere. She was sobbing like a baby before she was pulled off of his hip. He discarded the make-shift implement on the ground and let her go, spinning her up into another embrace.

She heard him sniffle.

Draevan? Sniffling? After he’d punished her

Saturday Spankings



22 Responses to Saturday Spankings – A Shared Between Them Snippet

  • Gorgeous cover and a lovely snippet, Korey.

    Not sure if this was from the final you uploaded,but there’s one spot up above where you meant ‘him’ rather than ‘her’ I think. (She clawed her fingers desperately into his trousers and his flank, trying to get her to let go of her.) Hopefully it’s not too late to fix it before Amazon ‘sticks it up’. I like how you said that 🙂

    Wishing you much success with the book!

    • With the trousers? Nah, that’s correct. See, before she got tucked against his thigh and was clawing for something to grab onto. The only thing, I’ve found (and do all the time), is to grab onto them… Mostly the trousers. So she’s grabbing into his flank and his trousers. 🙂 I double-checked that, too, though. .. But it reads better when attached to the whole picture. Sorry about that… Man oh man, the 8-sentence limit kills me. 🙂

  • Great teaser cant wait till Amazon post the book so I can read more! 🙂

  • The end of the snippet was unexpected. Nice.

    • Yeah, Draevan’s the most brutish and barbaric, but he’s also the most superstitious and sensitive (towards his wife, anyway) of the two men. Taric’s been more guarded about his affection for Kyra, but Draevan fell head-first for her right away, so the idea of something happening to her just rattled him to his core. Hence, tears. 🙂 I have a strange fetish for big brutes who cry… That’s why I watch so much football! 😛

  • Nicely done, Korey. Ten swats!

  • Oh! That was unexpected. I want to know what else they have in store for her!

    • Lots of pretty demanding sex, actually. 🙂 Actually, here Draevan’s about to get all sniffly and tell her how much he loves her (which he’d never done before). Le sigh. Love-induced disciplines. 🙂

      Thanks Addy!

  • Wow, Korey. I wish you much success with this new venture, although I agree with what Natasha says. Did you really mean “trying to get her to let go of her?” Isn’t she holding on to him or them (if she’s got hold of more than one part of him)? Still a great snippet. Love it!

    • Wow–you’re totally right. I was so focused on the *beginning* of the sentence (which was the part that I had to re-read a few times) that I didn’t check the rest of the sentence… At least not enough that the problem hit me. I’ll change it and we’ll re-put it up. See? There’s always something I’ll miss.

      Actually, this is a good time for it. It’s easy to put up new copies on Amazon, and we haven’t put up anything on B&N yet. Reformatting something into an eBook literally takes three minutes. Thanks Natasha, and thanks Katherine for not letting me shluff it off. You’re totally right.

    • Hm… Wierd. I just looked in my edited version and it didn’t have them problem. Thank God… But what version did I version *this* out of. Dang nab it! I can’t do anything right! 🙁

  • This sounds like my kind of book!! Can’t wait to read it! yum

  • ooh lala! You know how much I love a good menage story 😉 I hope the boss didn’t see your little mistake. lol

    • Actually, it was horrible! Because the mistake was in one of my older editions instead of the edition that made it to Amazon, apparently, it proved him right about this old argument we had after he edited Pursuit of Glory. I saw all these mistakes and he’d said that it wasn’t the copy that he’d edited, and I assured him that it was.

      …It’s possible that it wasn’t. Where his changes went that day, I do not know. I’ve edited it five more times to make up for it… But yeah. Groan. 🙂

  • Loved this excerpt Korey. Another book I’ll have to get. I need more hours in the day so I can read them all 🙂

  • Gorgeous cover… and final sniffle was unexpected. I look forward to reading this!

  • l love a good menage story! This one sounds hot. Can’t wait to read it.

  • I really enjoyed this excerpt! I love your mind! I am never disappointed with your books!

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