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Saturday Spankings

Hello there! Thank you, one and all, for joining me for yet another week of the Saturday Spankings Blog Hop! As many of you know, this blog hot features sneak peaks from author’s’ soon up-coming or recently out stories, focusing on a spanking scene for only 8 sentence. This week is a special treat: A little taste of the Otherworldly Discipline sequel! 

I plan to have this out this Spring, although I have been held up a bit by “Shared Between Them”, which I’ve been struggling with lately. I do know exactly what I plan to do to finish up Otherworldly Discipline, and it’s going to be just as easy to write as the first one. Everything’s easy to write when Moriarty’s part of the scene, God bless him. Every time I open up the document to write a few pages, it feels like a knife through warm butter.  So, without any more ado, here is the peek!

* * *

Mari looked at the chair in Moriarty’s office in front of his desk, knew it was probably her last chance to sit down for quite a long time, but couldn’t seem to stop pacing back and forth in the small room, wondering how she could have been so mindbogglingly foolish! Even now, she couldn’t put her finger on what had drawn her to that stupid violin except that it brought her to it like a moth to a lamp. And in the same manner, she had been burnt.

She stopped walking when she heard the wooden clacking of approaching boots that got louder and louder until the heavy wooden door creaked open and a very dark-eyed Moriarty was staring her down, seeming larger than life. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest at any moment, and that’s before she braved to glance down at what he was holding in his hand.

She took a deep, fluttery breath when she saw a wicked-looking birch in Moriarty’s hand. He didn’t say anything for what seemed like years, and when he did, his voice startled her. “Maili, don’t look at me like that–just hike up your skirts and bend over the desk,” he ordered with pained exasperation.

* * *

Want to be prepared for the sequel? Buy the first of this series and happy reading

As far as anyone could tell, Charlotte was the last Byndian witch left alive, and only one wizard knew the secrets to the magic of her nearly extinct race. That wizard was Ashcroft the Archivist, one of the hardest working wizards in existence… which was really too bad, because Charlotte was probably the laziest witch in the universe.

When a handsome, smooth-talking wizard by the name of Lachlan presents Charlotte with an opportunity to sidestep centuries of study under Ashcroft, she gladly takes it… without telling Ashcroft of course.  She quickly regrets her bargain as she learns more about Lachlan, and discovers that he is a mortal enemy of Ashcroft.

Even aside from the fact that she signed a contract with a dark wizard without reading it, she regrets her decision because she has slowly come to love learning under Ashcroft’s firm guidance, even though that firm guidance is often applied via his hard hand on her bare bottom. For his part, Ashcroft has cast propriety to the winds and fallen in love with his beautiful, feisty student.

When Lachlan returns to collect what he is owed under the contract, Charlotte learns that the price she unwittingly agreed to pay for her ill-gained knowledge is far higher than she could have ever imagined, and her world is turned upside down.  Will Ashcroft find a way to save Charlotte so that he can someday scandalize the Wizard’s Circle by marrying his apprentice, or will he lose her forever?

Publisher’s Note: This story has been edited since it’s original publication on Bethany’s Woodshed and also includes the first (bonus of an extra length of 6,000 words bringing the total to 94,000 words) chapter of the second book in the Otherworldly Discipline Series!

Also, please keep in mind that this story contains graphic sex and anal punishment (figging) as well as non-consensual spankings. If such subject matter might offend you, please don’t purchase this title.


There’s more blogs to hop to, more sneak peeks, and more spankings. Don’t miss them! Visit these wonderful authors below! (And thanks to Katherine R. Blake for putting it on!)

14 Responses to Saturday Spankings (Week Four): Otherworldly Discipline 2 Sneak Peek

  • Oh, wow, Korey. All that for playing the violin. Poor girl. Although I like the fact he wasn’t relishing the punishment, either. Can’t wait for the book to come out.

    • Thanks for visiting Katherine!

      Moriarty is such a nice guy… He’s strict when it comes to his own family, but he’s got a soft spot for Charlotte/Mari. He doesn’t like being the bad boss man, BUT the violin’s off-limits until Ashcroft realizes Charlotte’s not actually dead, and her things can stop becoming relecs. 😉 So, playing her violin’s still a major no-no, and she was caught red-handed. Poor thing. 😉

  • oh, I loved his line: “don’t look at me like that–just hike up your skirts and bend over the desk,” As if it was nothing at all. LOL

  • OK, that’s my favorite line too Thianna!

  • I Liked the boots getting louder and louder until the heavy wooden door creaked open. I could almost feel her anticipation. Thanks Korey 🙂

  • Such dread….you set the scene so perfectly.

  • Ooo lovely tension build. The ears know it all. Shiver.

  • Oh my goodness, yes, I’m feeling the dread!!

  • I squealed out loud with delight when I read that you snippet was from Otherwordly 2!! Book one is my most favorite book!! Yummy, Yum, Yum! I can’t wait!

  • Loved the anticipation here, from the approaching boots and heart beat, to that wicked birch and then that skirt hike…. Powerful set up for the two of them…..

  • Loved the build-up. Very matter of factly stated yet his pained exasperation tells more.

  • His exasperation with her must make it worse from her point-of-view. I’d say she ought to comply, and fast!

  • I love all this company! Thanks so much for perusing my excerpt Renee, Tish, Joseph, Corinne, Minelle, Alyssa, Cara, Constance, Thinna and Natasha (and the earlier drop-ins!) I so love your visit! I’m glad you liked my little peek.

    The anticipation here is where it strikes home with me–not that spanking isn’t ultra-painful, but actually the wait and the anticipation is torturous! And it’s boring waiting for a spanking–the only thing to DO is anticipate it.

    Even when I was a kid, and never spanked, if I did something bad it was the anticipation of my parent’s reaction that made me want to crawl into a hole and die, but their lecture normally didn’t take over five minutes. I put days of sweat into five minutes of nag.

    Now here I am, a big girl, and when I hear James come into the room when I’m in the corner… brrr… Still gives me goosebumps. 🙂

    Moriarty’s actually very much like my husband when he’s giving discipline–he doesn’t want to spank Mari, you see, but it’s his job. The exasperation of causing someone pain when he’d prefer not to, and he’s not even truly angry about what she’d done, was strangely fun to write. Moriarty’s one of those softies that doesn’t like anyone pointing it out. At the same time, he’s the type who, upon giving a spanking, is more worried about his pants getting wrinkled by the girl’s squirming moreso than being worried that he’s hurting her. He knows he’s not… He’s spanked a lot of bottoms in his day!

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