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Hi everyone,
Back to posting. J Do you know why it takes me so long to post, funny enough, besides the obvious time constraints and the fact that I’m a workaholic? Pictures. I worry about having enough pictures for the blog, or trying to get the right pictures to work.
In the last five minutes, I decided I was ridiculous, and moreover, that it was a poor excuse. I mean, I think you guys would be happy with pictures of bunny rabbits if I would just post more often.
Also, I have been having major problems with my wrists since October, which got REALLY bad in December, and continued to get even worse in January. Now, I’m just always in constant pain. I finally have a desk, though, with wrist supports (though I’ve been wearing wrist-bands since December), a new desk, a new mouse, etc, and I think I’m ready to rock and roll here. Before, all I had as far as hardware went was a longue chair and a laptop. That’s it! Now, I feel like I have all this high-tech stuff. And a desk? They’re sooo useful. I love it. So, I love working even more now… That’s sort of dangerous, but there you go.
Back to spanking, shall we?
We shall. I spend too much time talking to my husband about all my spanking theories and topics on spanking that I forget to blog about it. I think I just plumb talk myself out until I’m too tired to talk any more about it at all. Not that I don’t see it all day every day. I’ve spoken to you all before that I think I’m slowly becoming desensitized when it came to spanking. It used to be something that I was SO ashamed about. I used to hide all my favorites, all my browsing history, all my books… I used to blush just by thinking about it.
Now, on my desktop, I have a big ass file that says “SPANKING”. Right there in view. I don’t cover up my steps at all anymore except to try to keep my spanking identity away from my real identity. Just in case I want to go into politics one day. But that’s it.
My diet has been going well and not well. I haven’t been spanked for the spanking diet at all the last couple of weeks. Because I’ve been absolutely flawless in my approach to dieting. I’ve been working out every day; my food journal is spot-on perfect. I’m not losing any weight, however. James assures me that he’s beginning to notice a difference, but I can’t see it. I meant to be 140 by now, but I’m still 147. I’ve told you before that James won’t spank me because my weight won’t decrease.
He’s right to make that decision—I might be dead by now. My weight fluxuates like crazy. The only way I can judge is by “the weekly low”. So, the only way to do the diet is by me following the rules.
But GOSH I wish to rules were working better.
I hate to advertise at all, but I’m SO proud of redoing that I must tell the world. It’s awesome—you can re-download your site, and the backend that I get to use is awesome because I can actually start using some purchaser demographics where I can actually pinpoint my market. It will be fabulous.
Anyway—I think it’s WAY better than it was. Not that I had much of a choice—I couldn’t keep the store on the server and the store software doesn’t exist how it was, but it was so old this new server wouldn’t support it. So—there ya go.
We’re planning to do something similar with “” by combining and into the same store and making all of our stuff available in different formats for all sorts of e-Reading devices, since we KNOW that’s what millions of people got for Christmas this year. Anyway—Korey’s gonna be BUSY.
BUT I have GOT to see if there’s a Texas All-State spanking party this year. Bethany wants me to set up a vendor’s table there and sell books and videos, and I am just DYING of curiosity, as I’ve said last year, about what happens at those things. James, I think, would come with me to help out and keep me company. I hope everyone goes, though, if there is one.
Anyway, check up with me in a few. Now that it’s so much less painful to type, I’ll be blogging more often.

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