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Well, when it comes to the Spanking Diet… It’s been working FANTASTICALLY. I mean—wow.

So, when I came home from Thanksgiving in Portland, I weighted 154. Urgh.. BUT before I left for Galveston Island this weekend (James wanted me to go on a “date weekend” with him) I weighted 146. 146! To highlight the significance, ya’ll—I haven’t weighed 146 since high school. I was 151 when I went to college, and I felt like I looked pretty good—definitely better than in the middle of college when I weighed 185. Ouch.

So, AMAZING progress!

Has it been easy?

No, the spanking diet sucks. It’s really not something to enjoy, per se. It’s just something to do when all else fails. I’ve got my ass pounded on the last few weeks. There’s so much that can go amuck for me—I could forget to write down something I’ve eaten within an hour of eating it, I could not eat breakfast or lunch, I could eat too many servings of a meal or too many snacks or cookies, or I can just shoot James a horribly nasty glare when he gives me advice. All of that winds up the same way.

Sort of—if I mess up on a meal again, I’ll probably get the paddle next time. Or so James claims. It’s because he has to get stricter and stricter so I take high regard in this diet.

I don’t know how loudly I can complain. As I’ve said—it’s worked. Hallelujah.

Hopefully I’ll be at 130, my goal weight, before I know it.

Alright, so, you know you need to post more often right?

That fact has not eluded me. I’m at my in-laws right now, trying to type this out as fast as I possibly can, but I will get more into it. I’ve had so many spankings! So many thoughts! So many things are happening! I just wish I had a more secretive way of blogging that doesn’t require me hauling out by well-used 17-inch screened laptop.

I have to get going—everyone’s going out to lunch. I’ll add more later!

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