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Some of you assume I’m worse than I am—that I get spankings every day and then do the spanking celebration dance because I like them SO much. But that’s just not so. I rarely get spanked as discipline. I get a slap on the ass about 50 times a day, and every time we have sex, a fun little spanking will somehow scurry into our picture, but discipline spankings are not fun affairs, and are certainly not frequent.

Just the other day we realized that I hadn’t gotten a discipline spanking since we were in Santa Fe. That was in the beginning of September, folks. I mean, I’d gotten a couple of stern smacks, but not an over-the-knee sort of session that I most un-enjoy.

Of course we were both thinking the same thing at that time—that I’m “due”. Not officially, or anything, only we realized I can’t go too long without messing something up pretty royally where I don’t really have an excuse.

Did this happen on your anniversary? Woof!

No! Our anniversary was on Sunday, and it was wonderful. We can be very romantic when we try. We cooed at each other while we filled ourselves with fondue for about 3 hours. It really was lovely.

My spanking happened last night—Monday. I was in a horrible mood all day, so if you were to go back in time and informed me that I was about to get spanked, I would have no trouble believing you. Normally when I’m depressed, I walk right into one. When I’m depressed I hate myself, I hate everyone else, I hate my life, I hate who I am and what I can do and why anyone would ever put up with me. I was having a day LIKE THAT. And so, normally all the negativity makes me say something that causes me to upend over James’ knee.

Not because James would EVER discipline me for being depressed—he knows that’s probably not the best way of fixing me. If I get a spanking when depressed, it’s because he wasn’t understanding that I was in a sad mood, and only interprets my crazy actions as… well, craziness or meanness not something I’m doing because I’m sad—James is actually really good about being nice to me when I’m feeling fragile.

Despite the history, THAT’s not even why I got a spanking yesterday. It was because we looked a long time for a lighter and couldn’t find one. Isn’t that funny? Of course, if we can’t find something, it’s my fault.

You can’t find something, and therefore it’s YOUR fault? James is pretty strict…

No, no. James just realizes that I like to hide objects out of view in the house. It’s ALWAYS me. Once in a while, I would LOVE James to be the “misplacer” just to make life interesting. But it never is. It’s always me. I hide mail, magazines, newspapers, small objects, medication, toothbrushes, or anything at all that is just “left out”. I normally feel rushed when I’m doing this, and so I don’t break my back trying to figure out where all this stuff goes.

Which is fine—we have a clean house. BUT we can’t find anything. We spend HOURS looking for the crap I’ve misplaced constantly. I’ve placed our cat’s eye drops in my birth-control bag, once. I mean—it’s bad.

But, REALLY, James wouldn’t want to spank me for something he’s not positive is my fault, though, so he waits until he found, while looking for the lighter, his missing sunglasses in my sock drawer. How they got there? I don’t know.

So, James called me into the bedroom, and told me to take off my jeans. He had been very smooth with me all night; so much so, I didn’t really take any of this seriously. So I pulled off my pants, thinking he was just going to give me a few slaps, fondle my ass a bit, then let me up.

I was mistaken.

I *realized* I was mistaken when James slid my belt out of my pants. He did this probably because, unless James is going to a business conference, James does not wear them. He also probably did this because this is not my first punishment for this offense.

My composure went very quickly from giggly and aroused to whiney and concerned.

It started out with a vicious hand spanking—one where I thought he was definitely favoring my left cheek. It went on forever. He was talking—he always talks, and he wanted me to respond. It was something about how I need to remember where I put things and put things where they’re supposed to go, and if they don’t have a place to make one and keep it consistent. And stuff.

And then he grabbed my belt and immediately started spanking with it without much ado, and then he stopped. “You have GOT to start staying more still,” he said. “This would already be done if you didn’t fight so much.”

He says this like I can help it.

“I’m giving you twenty more with the belt.”

With number two he got my hand. I don’t know why he feels he much announce it—it just makes things worse. I know when I give blood, the nurse never says, “Alright. I’m about to put in the needle. Watch.” No. They just do it. They just stab you and get it done. Maybe if he did that, my hands wouldn’t be so quick to go back there and get themselves injured.

And then it was all over. I wasn’t crying—but I was put into the corner with my pants down and shirt lifted to think about it before I was able to survey what the damage was. And there was QUITE some redness going on.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, James doesn’t ever get fresh during the punishment, but afterwards it does turn him on a little when he’s thinking about it generally, or looking at a pink bottom in a corner. So, James later said that it was the cutest spanking I’d ever gotten, and if he knew where the camera was, he would have taken a picture. But, again—only I knew where the camera was. J

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