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That’s right—the reminder that James and I, though very generous with our advice, have been only married for a single year—not even! This Sunday, on the 8th, we’re approaching our one-year anniversary. Whoot!

That’s why we won’t be blogging until Monday, at the least. We’re going up to Kerrville, TX and Los Maples and we’re hikin’ until Sunday and then we’re going for dinner at the Melting Pot. It’s bound to be tons of fun.

What do you like about being married?

I really just enjoy being married in itself. And because I’m more honest on my blog than anywhere else, I like that marriage applies a sort of “ownership”—we have formed really into “one”, and because of that, we really hold an allegiance together that I don’t think people who are “just dating” really get. James and I are really invested in the other. There’s also the knowledge that our future, despite what may happen to politics or economics or work, always lies together, and that’s very comforting.

In short—partnerships/relationships may feel like they fill the void—but nothing quite does it like marriage. I know sometimes you think that if you get married that you will be stuck forever with someone who’s NOT into spanking, or IS into spanking, and you’re scared to death that you won’t be able to get out of it.

Don’t feel that way—marriage can fill the void that spanking can’t, and marriage is stronger than a dislike of discipline. Either way, it’s better to be married than to not be married.

Is it easy?

Like breathing. Now—you know it’s easier to breathe in the clear air of the country than in the muggy cities. Same thing—it’s not easy in adversity. James and I have been so stressed nearly all year by finances, and house-sales, and home-improvement, and everything else. There have been times where I have been at each other’s throats—defensive, exasperated, etc. But we’ve pressed through it until we’re breathing fresh air again.

So, make sure your priorities are straight—it’s all fine and good meeting gentlemen in hotel rooms for a fine evening of spanking, but there’s nothing like a man you can cuddle with on Saturday mornings (and James LOVES cuddling). If you’re lucky though, you can find both–if you want them to be seperate things, then… Choose marriage, and loose the spanking–because you can have a happy marriage without it. But just don’t go through life alone!

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