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Originally posted by Korey on Bethany’s Woodshed Story Forum

At first, I wasn’t going to read this story. I normally don’t read stories about dragons, you see–I look over at the fantasy section when I’m at Borders, and decide quite openly that I won’t step near it. Fantasy has the potential to get really strange, really dramatic, and really complicated, really fast.

And I’m not too far off-base–Nattie Jones’ story here does the same thing–it starts of strange, gets really dramatic very quickly–but I guess it works, because this story was pretty damn good.

I digress–I was sceptical at first of the whole layout of Khys–I didn’t know if I liked the wise-woman set up and the choosing block at all. Definitely, Khys is a strange-ass place–here, women have no privacy, can be used, and are thought mainly of as property. Someone growing up in such an environment, I wouldn’t think could be at all interesting.

But I was obviously wrong. Sierra’s a pretty neat chick–oh yeah, she’s subservient. How can you not be when you grow up at Khys? When you grow up in North Khys, by 20, you’ve probably had over 4,000 spankings. That’s a lot. I, personally, would have given up the fight. But not Sierra–this character has nothing to lose, and better yet, she knows it. And when you have nothing to lose, and you get spanked about once a day, anyway, why not throw hot coffee on the master? Why not savour every bit of kindness you get, and resent everything else? Why not fall in love with the dragon master? As a woman, you’re going to serve someone while you’re at Khys–why not someone you like? At least it will then be service with a smile.

Truthfully, I nearly cringed when I saw that she was falling in love with him. The dragon master was a little unreadable for me, making the story pretty unpredictable. Up until the last chapter, I wasn’t sure how it was going to end–I got into thinking a servant could never be a Dragon Master’s wife–yes, yes, I too got caught up in the main character’s thought-process until I could no longer predict the people around her any more than she could–and I was actually surprised to see an ending I was happy with. The story should have been predictable, only it really wasn’t. Nattie’s world created a wonderful dynamic (where you can oust your wife, for starters) where you, as the reader, had to just let go and let the world reveal itself to you.

To sum up here, I just want to say that although I avoid fantasy like the plague, I really enjoyed myself by this magical story. So, if you didn’t read this story because the title and subject matter scared you off; grow a pair, read the story, and thank me later. Good job, Nattie Jones.

Will people who are into DD like it?

I don’t see why not! It’s a little off the beaten path, perhaps. Most women cling to the cliché where a man tames them by shocking them with a spanking. This has taming without the shock factor, but it works anyway.

Will people that are into Spanking Special Little Faucets (CDD, Ageplay, etc) like it?

An ageplayer will only enjoy this story if they still like reading about stuff that in no way concerns ageplay. This doesn’t have it. It’s not quite CDD either because of the fantasy theme—it’s very other-world based. But, it works. There’s a good vs. Evil theme to it. I don’t even know if someone would like it if they aren’t a spanko—but if you ARE a spanko… You’ll like it. I’m sure of it.

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